tragic. that's exactly what my life is right now, i've bee away for a while because i needed a break from everything. people,school,socail media, everything. it's getting too much, i'm surrounded by a lot of people yet i've never felt more alone and my anxiety is getting worse everyday. honestly this site is the only place i can express how i really feel without feeling judged, i really do hope this is just a "teenage thing", that's what everyone says to m, that i should suck it up and get over it and it'll go away, but they don't know how it feels. it's not a switch button, i can't flip a switch and everything is fine. i'm just gonna try my best to become happy again becuase right now i'm nowhere where i want to be, i have big dreams and ambitions and i don't them to be ruined because of this. i just don't know how, i've tried to be happy again so many times i've joined clubs, talked to new people, spent more time with family, but nothing seems to be working i just don't know what to do anymore. life really is a bitch.

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